Monday, June 9, 2014

workshop / demonstration at LiveArtsCultures/C32 in Mestre

Yesterday I could rehearse and informally present the conceptual group dance 'walking con·sens·us' in its intermedia form, with a dedicated group of local dancers from Venice. Choreographer Marianna Andrigo, and visual artist Aldo Aliprandi, generously allowed a use of their space C32 / Live Art Culture in Mestre, the industrial part of Venice.

We worked on realising the score of the dance, then how to perform it together with the video-projection. This video shows the day-sky over Budapest, and was shot in 2006 as artist-in-residence at tűzraktér, later edited in Rotterdam by Adolfo Estrada.

It became clear that the speed of the walking should correspond with the movements of the moving clouds in the video. On Thursday we will find out how we can maintain the this basic tempo, but keep the dance alive and ever-changing.

Thank you to all the participants and everybody who came and watched!

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