Monday, October 13, 2014

welcome - bienvenuti/e

This artist-residence at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice was a retrospective of two works by choreographer Thomas Körtvélyessy, Sokrates (2000) and walking con·sens·us / skytime (2006) Both works had first been developed and performed in public space in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The goal of the residence was to review and to re-create these two pieces in the environment of the city of Venice. The residence took place between May 8 and June 16, 2014.

Here is the overall video-trailer of the residence - from several days of performing Sokrates in the historical center of Venice to the final climax with walking con·sens·us / skytime on Campo Trovaso in the Sestiere of Dorsoduro ...


Thank you / Mille Grazie :
In the first place warm thanks and gratitude go to Emily Harvey Foundation for their generous and friendly support that made the residence possible. Thanks to Marianna Andrigo for her invaluable help and support, and her many generous connections which made the realization a true success: Live Arts Cultures, C32 PerformingArtWorkSpace, eventi arte Venezia, Kairòs Il tempo Giusto.
Thanks not in the least, to all dancers, both the hundreds of people who came into Venice every day, and the wonderful dancers who performed in the final manifestation walking con·sens·us / skytime.

Equal thanks goes to Jean-Ulrick Désert for his ongoing stamina and patience, Elaine Summers for countless moments of inspiration, not in the least by for which many of the dances became a contribution, and fellow-artist-resident Gisela Weimann for her energy and extra help with documentations. Anchora, grazie mille!

Exploring this blog :
Scroll down and browse the other articles to learn more about the residence.
Some key-moments have already been published, with brief descriptions of what happened, others are still being edited for publishing. (with the great amount of video-material and many beautiful photographs, this process of distillation for the most characteristic results is bound to take some time)

Just like the ambulant Socrates, have a good itinerary ~

Buon viaggio!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

walking con·sens·us / skytime

To all who participated in the performance on June 12th : Grazie mille!

Thank you to all the dancers: Allessandra Zuin, Ilaria Briata, Anna Laura Forin, Gabriela Stoica, Bianca Visonà, Stefania Fabris, and especially Marianna Andrigo who faciliated, organised, brought us together -thank you so much!

Thanks to Jean-Ulrick Désert and Gisela Weimann for their help, to Tommaso Zanini of Eventi Arte Venezia for their excellent beamer, to Andrea Morucchio, and to Aldo Aliprandi who helped with putting it in place and getting the best image results.

Furthermore thanks to Bar "El Borrachero" (located at Dorsoduro 1078, near Vaporetto Zattere or Accademia) who gave us electricity, and Giulia V. for extra help and inviting more people to watch that evening ~

Finally, thanks and gratitude to the Emily Harvey Foundation for granting this residence, and all co-sponsors who made it possible to live and work in Venice. It brought forth the renewal of Sokrates, a workshop of Kinetic Awareness® and two classes of dance improvisation at Kairós, and the first full-intermedia performance of walking con·sens·us / skytime. All of these works are directly inspired by the works of Elaine Summers, and many other pioneers of contemporary dance. Thanks to all of them, it is very exciting to continue along the lines and find out more about them.

(photo credits ©2014 Stefania Breban - for more photos click here)