Saturday, June 7, 2014

Corte Morosini and Piazza San Marco

On our way to San Marco we got to Corte (court) Morosini by accident and decided to make a shot there. After the experiences of three days, I went a step further and faced the notion "emptiness" much more radically: Instead of remaining in conscious control, I let my body move and trusted that the accuracy of energy and action would be right, and correct in harmony with the situation.

The results felt amazingly fuller and more present.
In the two videos below, this state of letting happen comes into a beautiful balance with subjective expression, both complementing each other.

Finally, we did arrive to the (in)famous Piazza San Marco, the epicenter and heart of Venice as a city.

                  *                     *                  *

As we entered the Piazza, one of the restaurant orchestras played Viennese waltz, which turned into a festive moment for all of us and inspired a number of tourist to become spin-off dancers and continue after I had finished.

Some of the dances were very new and unusual in comparison to my more regular work.
There were a number of solo- and duet moments.

I was consciously involving Skytime, a project by Elaine Summers that I have been collaborating on since 1995. The general atmosphere was one of interest and appreciation. Touching the sky, imaginatively, high extensions and jumps were the result, but also thinking of friends who were far away, geographically speaking, and who I figuratively 'connected' with during my dancing.

There were several more moments of audience- participation, partly moved to dance on their own ... (in a great tradition to Elaine Summers' Invitation to Secret Dancers ...)

Finally there were three dances involving other people more directly, one while thinking of a friend in Rotterdam, one with an American tourist, and one with a Turkish tourist ...

When going back home, Jean-Ulrick and I were told by the American tour-guide that her visitors spontaneously made an entire a dance of their own all over the Piazza after we'd moved on. And so, by its own making, Invitation to Secret Dancers, happened once again.

As one of my academy teachers said: Dance is infectious! ☺

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