Sunday, May 18, 2014

Campo Nazario Sauro

On our search for good locations in Venice, we came across this very friendly campo in the Sestiere of Santa Croce (Holy Cross) named after Nazario Sauro. I did a study of walking a circle and sensing the different interactions with the walking people who were crossing. You can see how the dance is blending in and out of the overall situation.

Then I let my body move very slowly and from sensation, so that I could keep up with all of the impressions around me, while I was moving. It created a very different kind of poem that is made of movements.

We went on and discovered a small alleyway between houses. (There are many such alleys in Venice, and the more central you get, the more narrow they can become) Here, the space invited me to do a small dance with touching the walls and letting that influence me.

Finally, I finished on the smaller Campiello de le Strope, which became a bit more exuberant, less measured. (the graffiti on the wall says "Art" in German, which was another motivation ☺ )

Now when I review the videos I am surprised that the movement material seems very consistent. It seems that I can dare to go to extremes even more, as long as I am still in a dialogue of listening and talking with the actual situation where I am, including the people who are there.

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